It is said that marriages are made in heaven & life partner are decided on the birth of a boy or girl even though the search for the right life partner or match starts when the boy or girl reaches marriageable age.

In Indian culture, marriage is a ‘Sanskar’ where the concept of starting a new family is cherished by everyone.

The process of selection of life partner has changed considerably over the years. Earlier, girls were considered marriageable at the age of 10-12 years, then 16 and now 18 complete. For boys it it is 21 years. This change is also reflection of the importance given to educating girls.

Simultaneously, there was a change in the system of marriage i.e. arranged by parent, proposed marriage, love marriage & inter-cast marriage.

In older days the Purohit used to suggest the name of eligible boys & girls, then relatives, neighbours, family friends started informing names of prospective boys & girls. Today, we are moving away from an era of joint families. We are adopting flat culture from old houses / Wadas when we move to cities for jobs or for higher education. Today our boys & girls are proceeding abroad to pursue higher studies or for better prospects in their careers. All this have resulted in communication gap amongst us and people are finding difficulties in their ‘search’ for the right match.

The introduction of marriage Bureaus, in reality, keeps parents to fill this communication gap by providing name, address, telephone number and also more details of marriageable boys & girls at one place in their Search.

Reshimgathi is a professionally managed provider of such services by (Late)Ravindra Deuskar & Mrs. Sheela Dani Deuskar.