The name & address furnished in the form of Reshimgathi will be kept confidential & will be accessible only to bonafide members of Reshimgathi.

  • Reshim Gathi’s working is a professional one and at most care is taken to give maximum information of the boy / girl, their family & expectation in three parts of the form.
  • Name & Address will be known on the net, once the member establishes his proper identity by quoting Membership Number. This will take care of personal & confidential nature as well as it will avoid misuse.
  • Reshimgathi provides the facility of online registration on internet. The user can fill the form in detail on the web site and can just click on submit.

The form is well designed and divided into three parts.

  • First Part : This part consists of personal information of boy / girl, education, service / business details, personal information including hobbies & expectations of life partner.
  • Second Part : Horoscope details
  • Third Part : Information about family

It will be taken for granted that the information furnished is true & Reshim Gathi is not responsible if any information is far from true.

  • Membership Number : Once your completed form along with payment is received at Reshim Gathi, Membership number will be allotted to you. This will be your ID No. for all correspondence. So most important, keep secrecy about it.
  • Website Number mentioned in database will be different from your membership number.


  • Once you become member of Reshim Gathi and scan the database, please note down Sr. Nos. which you think, are as per your expectation.
  • Please complete name / address request form and submit the same / email / post to Reshim Gathi.
  • At Reshim Gathi, first your ID will be checked, then your expectations & then only name & address which you have asked for will be provided.
  • Two-way communication plays very important role in establishing cordial relation in selection of your life partner.
  • Always mention your membership No. / Website No. of Reshim Gathi so that your identity is established.
  • Please answer each & every letter / phone call received by you as a marriage proposal. Even –ve reply should be sent immediately.
  • Inform immediately to Reshim Gathi when marriage is fixed through Reshim Gathi or through other source so that data can be uploaded on regular basis.
  • Reshim Gathi is the collection of information. You will have to re-check the information for your satisfaction as a system, Reshim Gathi will provide you the information which will be helpful to you in finalizing the relationship but final choice you have to make. So GOODLUCK !
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